2015 Freshers Play The Hunger Games

This week a new cohort of eager fresh faced undergraduates joined us on the Animation and Visual effects course. They thought they were here to study... well they are... but first they had to forage for 'food' and make their tutors a tasty sandwich in the 2015 Animation & Visual Effects Hunger Games.

Items of 'food' were cunningly, and sometimes not so cunningly, hidden at tactical locations across the campus. Teams of 'foragers' went bravely forth to locate and retrieve these items of food, directed via social media by two members of their team back in the animation studio who were given cryptic, and not so cryptic, clues via a live feed.

Each team was accompanied by a 'reporter' whose job it was to photograph the team and Tweet the image each they successfully foraged an item of food, and to report any infringements of the rules.

One team was accused of running, which was strictly against the rules, but the judges thought that the photographic evidence was... erm... not conclusive did not feel that the team could be disqualified.


Another team member was identified as having split from their group, also against the rules, but the judges were not able to identify the individual concerned from the photographic evidence and again no disqualification was made.

The groups were also permitted to 'tap' other students and take from them items of food that they had already foraged; we believe that Nemo the fish (What!? You have never had a fish sandwich?) changed hands several times. Some teams found it quite distressing when they had to give away an item of food and it was necessary to say "there, there, there" to them.

Hunger can be a problem for students, and can strike at any time without warning. We felt that these games would help to prepare them for some of the challenges that they will face over the coming years.

The winning team was chosen because they had foraged the ingredients for not just one, but two tasty sandwiches that satisfied both the carnivorous and vegetarian members of the course team: a cucumber and lettuce on white bread, and a rabbit and cucumber baguette. (Sadly no butter but as you can see above another team had already eaten it.)

The victors won Falmouth Animation & VFX T-shirts.

The staff are still a little hungry, but the students did also bring us a slice of cold pizza and a half eaten pot noodle which will see us through to the end of the week.

View the Twitter feed of the afternoon's shenanigans here:  https://twitter.com/AVEhungergame


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