3rd Year Film: Alphabet Patch

Alphabet Patch is a pre-school children's television series and is the creative achievement of undergraduate student Leonie Isaacs and her team of animation & VFX students. For her third year film Leonie is directing and producing a pilot episode for the series.

The show follows the adventures of Paddy the garden gnome and his animal friends who learn a different letter of the alphabet each week as they explore and have adventures in their home on the allotment. In this first episode the friends learn how to work together in order to acquire a rather juicy looking apple that hangs just out of reach in a tree.

Fellow third year student Sophie Rippington is assisting Leonie at the helm of the project, working alongside a team of  dedicated animation students. The film is being created in a cut-out style, using Cel Action, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects.

We look forward to following Leonie's career after graduation, and hope to see more episodes of Alphabet Patch on our television screens very soon.

You can read more about Alphabet Patch and see more of Leonie's work on her website and blog.

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