Aardman's Honorary Fellows!

Falmouth celebrates as Peter Lord &  David Sproxton are honoured!

The Animation & VFX department were quite literally animated when the founders of Aardman Animations arrived last week to become Honorary Fellows of the University.

Peter Lord and David Sproxton were treated to a tour of the studios meeting students with smiles as big and cheesy as Wallace's! The pair took time to talk to all of them and at times it looked like they were giving tutorials rather than going on a tour - many words of wisdom were imparted - especially to the third years who were in the process of finishing off their final films.

Peter seemed most at home chatting to MFA student Adam Taylor on the set of his film 'The Hair Hungry Heaver' (or that film about beards). The two talked about all things stop motion - and Peter was fascinated to learn about the process that Adam has used - stop motion puppets with 2D facial animation composited on to their faces.

A beard-off on set. Looks like Adam might win with his....

You can see more of Adam's work here

The big surprise of the day however was when Morph made an unannounced appearance on the stage complete with ceremonial cap and scroll. And following in his creator's footsteps he came forward to be conferred as a Fellow of the University. Unusually he was lost for words, as was the Chancellor Dawn French.

Morph gate-crashing the ceremony

Both Peter and David in their speeches commented on the quality of the students work that was on show, the studios they work in and the way in which the course carefully prepares the students for a life in the industry. Team work is key!

Chancellor Dawn French has words with Morph who crashed proceedings.


The day finished off with a party in the main TV Studio where staff, students and guests were treated to plates of mouth watering canapés and the odd bottle of the fizzy stuff. The music played, the lights were low but in true fashion nobody danced. We all wanted a bit of Pete & Dave time! 

The party stops for a group hug. Rob wins the best glowing t-shirt award.
The course is immensely proud to have had both Peter and David come to visit only a few weeks after another Aardman giant Loyd Price was here. The day was a huge success and we are really looking forward to working with Aardman in the future. Happy days! 


The (very funny) man behind the mask - Kryten comes to Falmouth.

Robert Llewellyn as Kryten in 'Red Dwarf' (c) Red Dwarf

Last Friday we had another star guest in Animation VFX, Robert Llewellyn, better known as Kryten from 'Red Dwarf', the Prime Minister in 'MI High' and as the presenter of 'Scrapheap Challenge'. Not that those are the only notable things on Robert's CV, indeed, though he probably would scoff at the notion, he has become a bit of a Renaissance Man, with books, scripts, plays, and online shows under his belt.

His connection to animation goes back several years, having voiced characters in three of Course Coordinator, Derek Hayes's films, and writing the script for one of them, the award winning 'Prince Cinders', as well as writing the animated 'Christmas Carol - The Movie' (Jimmy T Murakami, 2001).
But it wasn't really animation that he was focusing on, since the reason for getting him down to talk to students was more to do with two things; his work in storytelling and developing high concept ideas (which he would work on with students in an afternoon session) and his growing success in making content for the internet, a vital outlet for anyone now working in the creative industries.

Robert in full flow

The morning lecture was engaging, insightful, useful and above all funny. As Head of Animation, Andy Joule said; "I don't think I have ever laughed as much in a lecture".

Robert has an extensive presence on the internet and is particularly interested in new technologies, particularly around energy and, from being a bit of a petrol-head, is now an advocate of electric cars.





Third Year Film: Falling in Love

Falling in Love is  the work of  third year animation student Giacomo (Jack) Ghigo. It is a fast-paced and somewhat dark comedy about love and suicide. The film follows the exploits of a man whose attempts at suicide result in unexpected romance... but is it to late?

Jack has animated the film using TV Paint software and has been assisted by a team of student animators from the 3rd and 2nd years of the course including 3rd year Leonie Isaacs, who is producing the film, and animators James White and Leigh Juggins.

After graduation Jack hopes to set up his own studio in Cornwall with fellow student Aaron Donlan and is currently looking into funding opportunities for this.

If you would like to find out more about Jack's work please visit his website.

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