The (very funny) man behind the mask - Kryten comes to Falmouth.

Robert Llewellyn as Kryten in 'Red Dwarf' (c) Red Dwarf

Last Friday we had another star guest in Animation VFX, Robert Llewellyn, better known as Kryten from 'Red Dwarf', the Prime Minister in 'MI High' and as the presenter of 'Scrapheap Challenge'. Not that those are the only notable things on Robert's CV, indeed, though he probably would scoff at the notion, he has become a bit of a Renaissance Man, with books, scripts, plays, and online shows under his belt.

His connection to animation goes back several years, having voiced characters in three of Course Coordinator, Derek Hayes's films, and writing the script for one of them, the award winning 'Prince Cinders', as well as writing the animated 'Christmas Carol - The Movie' (Jimmy T Murakami, 2001).
But it wasn't really animation that he was focusing on, since the reason for getting him down to talk to students was more to do with two things; his work in storytelling and developing high concept ideas (which he would work on with students in an afternoon session) and his growing success in making content for the internet, a vital outlet for anyone now working in the creative industries.

Robert in full flow

The morning lecture was engaging, insightful, useful and above all funny. As Head of Animation, Andy Joule said; "I don't think I have ever laughed as much in a lecture".

Robert has an extensive presence on the internet and is particularly interested in new technologies, particularly around energy and, from being a bit of a petrol-head, is now an advocate of electric cars.


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