Across the Channel again for VFX and Stereo 3D

Le Groupe Ouest headquarters, a former union parking shed now a pretty luxurious home for story development. (But with a bunch of onions hanging from the rafters for old times sake)

The Cross Channel Film Lab (CCFL) has been part of the life of AnimationVFX again this year, with a successful visit this summer where our students helped with concept work and, just last week, a return visit to France where course lecturers Derek and Rosa helped shape stories and gave a seminar.

The aim of the CCFL, which is supported by the European Media programme and Creative England, as well as Falmouth University and Le Groupe Ouest, is to develop low budget films from early career film makers who want to use VFX or Stereo 3D. A number of consultants give advice on story, in its own right and as it relates to VFX/Stereo, and on the ways these technologies can be used without breaking the bank.
Film makers come from across the continent of Europe and discussions take place in English (which is a relief to the Falmouth contingent since Derek's schoolboy French would not cut the mustard in deep story analysis).

Peter Rogers, Producer at Bait Studios and VFX consultant, reaches out to the Stereo3D camera to see the effect on the screen (below).

It looks great with the glasses.

In June the action is on our Penryn campus where participants have to resist the pull of the sunshine and the beach but November sees a return trip to Brittany and the premises of Le Groupe Ouest; still by the sea but with much less chance of sun, and therefore little to distract from the work that needs to be done.
There were two Stereo3D projects and ten requiring VFX and Rosa and Derek each worked with a group of five VFX projects alongside a VFX and a script consultant. By the end of the week, ideas that had seemed a little unfocused had found a real shape and drive and the final pitches held the promise of good things to come from the final scripts.

During the week Rosa and Derek used their industry experience of being, respectively, motion graphics designer/vfx producer and animator/director to give a presentation that looked at the path a project takes from script to screen.
Industry experience didn't include acting for either speaker, but the role-play worked well enough to give an idea of how a good concept designer and vfx producer can help get things done in an affordable way. Derek used the example of work done on one of his current projects, 'Deep', to show how a live action and vfx sequence can benefit from animation industry techniques, such as storyboarding and animatic, to make sure that major decisions are made at the cheap end of the process rather than when the work is being done at the FX house.

The final session, with consultants, vfx and stereo groups together.


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