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Falmouth Goes for Gold at BFX 2016 

This October one of our undergraduates, Third Year George Quelch, took part in the BFX competition with Sean Bone, a recent Falmouth Graduate. The two met virtually through the Falmouth Animation student Facebook group. As well as the Alumni group, the student group keeps graduates in touch with current students on the course, providing great opportunities like this. And what an opportunity as the guys brought home the bacon by winning the Best FX & Simulation!

BFX is a visual effects festival based in Bournemouth that showcases the visual effects and animation industry. More importantly BFX showcases fresh talent from all around the UK as well as educating and inspiring the next generation of artists. At the heart of the BFX festival is a summer competition for visual effects and animation students from around the country. This year it took place over summer, and the winning team walked away with an internship at a leading UK film and visual effects studio.

The Winners! 

So for our plucky George and his partner Sean the game was on. Only eight teams were selected from those that entered and they competed over a gruelling seven weeks. This was certainly no cake walk for our plucky pair! Each team was tasked with creating a unique 30 second promotional short for two charities. This year the charities were Create or Refuge.

George’s team was truly a collaborative one bringing together students from other Universities. Alongside Sean, George found himself working with three new colleagues, Meg, Shandis, and Jean.

Their piece focused around mixed media, combining live action footage of a set, 3D and 2D animation, as well as 3D simulation. George’s job was compositing, lighting and look development, which involved him bringing all the elements together in post production, and working out the render and lighting setup to achieve a very flat "2D look" to a 3D animation.

A mammoth job and critical to the success of the piece.

Sean, who graduated from Falmouth in 2015 and has been working as a VFX artist at Spider Eye animation took the role as the principle FX artist. He was tasked with creating several complex simulations to interact with the 3D character. It was this work that won us the award for Best FX and Simulation. Take a look at Sean's website here.

George, who is now hard at work on ‘Big Top’ a final year film-noir stop motion and CG project, as well as an outside project for London VFX company Cherry Cherry said of the BFX experience “It was a really fun project and I would really recommend it. It was a good experience and both me and Sean got to put into practice what we had studied at Falmouth”.

See George and Sean's award winning work here.


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