Animation Graduate Pete Jordi Wood Returns to Falmouth

One of the Animation & VFX courses first graduates is returning to Falmouth this year to take up a residency in the Academy of Innovation and Research, which is based at our Penryn Campus.
Pete Jordi Wood is a writer and illustrator. His original half hour film I DON'T CARE (Touchpaper Television/C4) starring Iwan Rheon and Paloma Faith, was broadcast in 2010 on Channel 4 in the UK after opening at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. It has since screened at Tribeca, Soho Rushes, and Sundance, and is now distributed internationally as part of a best-selling short film collection, Cruel Brittania.
His radio play Lifted for BBC Radio 3 transmitted in January 2013, and starred Chelsee Healey. Pete has developed original series for Endor, Company Pictures and CBBC, trained as a Shadow Writer on the long running television drama Shameless, and is now joining the writing team on Eastenders.
Pete holds a First Class BA (Hons) degree in Digital Animation from Falmouth University. His work as a screenwriter has been featured in various international press articles, and he was listed as one of Attitude Magazine's 'Inspirational Brits'. He is currently working on his follow up to I DON'T CARE, And then the inevitable, a feature film which is due to be directed by David Leon.
Pete joins AIR as a resident, where he will be experimenting with narrative structures, be on call to help with story development for games, apps and other digital media projects, and will be developing an innovative new way of telling stories in the digital age.
For more information go to Pete Jordi Wood.

Blog written by Kate Thomas, Academy for Innovation and Research, Falmouth.


Richard Morrison; a visit from one of the world's best title sequence designers.

Just a few recent films that open with a Richard Morrison title sequence.

Richard Morrison is one of the world's leading designers of movie title sequences and, in a career spanning three decades, has created over 150 title sequences for films, from Hollywood blockbusters to cult classics. Richard began his career with legendary designer Maurice Binder, working on those iconic James Bond titles, and last week he made his second visit to talk to Animation and VFX students at Falmouth.

Richard Morrison; almost as famous for hats as he is for title sequences.
Richard is always great value and an inspiration to students; his enthusiasm for the visible world is boundless, and the way he can move from designing complex, computer generated sequences, to working with very simple, physical materials shows that there are no limits to creativity. For him, the idea is paramount, and the method used to make the sequence is less important than the effect it produces.

And he is always ready to remind us of how lucky we are to be working in an industry that is basically such a lot of fun!

A few more Richard Morrison specials.

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