Level 3 pitch forum

On the 26th September a much anticipated competitive pitch forum took place at The Poly in Falmouth.  

Falmouth Animation and VFX students pitched their projects and skill-sets to a large audience, which included students from all three levels of the course, the animation staff team and a VIP panel consisting of four animation professionals.  

In this formal event the students went through a process that will define the shape of their third year at University.  

The team orientated nature of the Falmouth Animation and VFX course means that only a limited number of projects are able to go into production each year, in order to allow each one the best chance possible.  

Waiting to begin
Derek kicks off the proceedings

Most of the projects pitched at this forum had been in pre-production throughout the second semester of the second year and were already well underway when students arrived back from the summer in mid September.  A few ideas more had been developed over the summer holidays and were new to staff and fellow students.

Emily pitches her 2d project about a fox 
Rhys and Toby pitch their CG project, Headless
Carl pitching his 2d project set in New York

In addition to the projects, a significant group of students had been putting together individual showreels and pitches that would demonstrate their personal skillsets and ensure that strong teams could be built to support the selected projects.  The skills pitched ranged from 2d design and producing through to rigging and particles.

James getting ready to pitch his skills
Harry pitching his 2d project about a bear.
Alan pitches a collaborative project with a film student 
Third year students and the panel 
First and second year Animation students 
Jack pitches his project about a female aviator
Giorgio pitches his idea about a homeless former businessman
Jordan and Laura pitching their project, Bottle.
Eline pitches her short film idea
Imogen pitching as an animator and producer
Jake pitching CG skills
Level 3 students
Tony and Ben in the audience 
Lydia pitches her installation idea
Charlotte pitching her skill-set
Sammy-Jo pitches her stop motion project
The panel of Animation professionals consisted of producer Naomi Jones; stop-motion director/animator Linda McCarthy; writer James Henry, and director/animator Emmanuelle Errera.  They gave feedback and asked questions at the end of each pitch.  The selection process took place afterwards in a passionate debate amongst the panel and the results were given out to third year students the following Monday.  
Amongst the 17 intriguing ideas pitched were a stop motion film about an Inuit girl who is pestered by a strange creature, an abstract installation about the journey of a virus, a 2d film about a competitive window cleaner and a CG project about a man who doesn't get along too well with his own head…

The panel from left to right: Naomi Jones, Linda McCarthy, James Henry and Emanuelle Ererra
The panel contemplates
Attentive audience
Lokii and Beverly pitch their game idea
Zoe's pitches her 2d project abut a rabbit.
James pitches a varied skill-set

Elf pitches his CG skill-set
Holly filmed the entire process
Paris getting ready to do her pitch 
Bradley pitches 2d skills
Olly, Ben and Matteo pitch a character animation showreel
Vicky and Hannah pitch a 2d project set in Africa.
Once a project has been selected it must jump through some further hoops, with the ever-present danger that at any point it could become non-viable.  But if it survives and gets off the ground, it very quickly will become all about the team, and the project then belongs to the whole crew.  As it gathers momentum, students from the second year (and sometimes the first year) will also be crewing on it. 

One thing that everyone appreciates is the flexibility of a system which will allow students the freedom to work across as many or as few projects as suits their purposes.  This will enable them to hone skills that will help them to get the showreel they want, one that could ultimately propel them towards the areas of animation they are interested in working in.

Phew! It's all over.


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