Annecy Animation Festival 2015 - Minions

Annecy Animation Festival 2015

Minions @Annecy2015

Pierre Coffin reverse engineers his creative process

We’ve just come back from a wonderful week @Annecyfestival,

One of the many highlights was Pierre Coffin who is the director of #Despicableme and #Minions talking about his career to date and behind the scenes look at the creative development of #Minions

Pierre Coffin @annecyfestival

Pierre Coffin did an excellent presentation on his creative process, referencing early influences of Gary Larson and Jean-Jacques Sempé.  Coffin highlighted the way Larson is able to tell a funny story in one image, something Coffin worked on with his own illustrations. He also talked about his collaborative process with illustrator Eric Guillon  , which highlights importance of working with others. His presentation allowed you to see how his research, interests, work ethic, collaborators and talent has allowed him to ‘connect the dots’, culminating in masterpieces like Minions.
Thank you Pierre Coffin for such a generous and insightful presentation!
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