Student Animation Project Part of Penryn 800 Festivities

Animation and Visual Effects students are to produce a number of short animated films as part of Penryn 800 celebrations – marking 800 years since the founding of Penryn. 

The students were recently visited by Mark Snowdon, the Mayor of Penryn, who gave an insight into the town's fascinating history.

Kathy Nicholls, Senior Lecturer, said: "The organisers of Penryn 800 have been very enthusiastic about the prospect of animated films that will bring to life some of the strange and wonderful stories from Penryn past and present.

"To help with their research the students have been on walking tours of Penryn with Town Councillor Chaz Wenmoth, who inspired them with stories including the last of the Cornish Killigrew family, George Killigrew, who was killed by a friend in a Penryn tavern in an argument over the piratical exploits of his grandmother - Lady Jane Killigrew. Watch this space for more updates on the progress of the students as they work through the complex creative process of making animation."

Alumni Panel Event 2016

Stories from the other side

It's been a great pleasure to welcome back graduates to our Alumni Panel Event 2016.

Stu Whitten | Centroid
Megan Smith | Moving Picture Company
Yasmin Down | TT Games

We invited our graduates from Animation & Visual Effects BA Hons, Falmouth to come back and talk to current students about their experience transitioning into industry.

Alumni Panel 2016: Yasmin Down, Stu Whitten & Megan Smith

It was a chance for students to find out what a normal day to day is in different roles in the industry. Stu Whitten works as a Motion Editor at Centroid working on motion capture for feature films. Megan Smith is a Visual Effects Production Assistant for Moving Picture Company and Yasmin Downs is a Junior Character Artist for TT Games.

Megan Smith, Moving Picture Company

Each panel member gave an overview of their current role and previewed recent work. There was a question and answer session at the end of their presentations, where students could get insights on how these graduates had secured their jobs.

Yasmin Downs, TT Games

As well as an informative session it was a great chance to catch up and have fun!

Megan Smith & Rosa Mulraney

Post by Rosa Mulraney


Animation VFX students in Feature Film development.

Left to right - Katie, Leonie, Giacomo, Kathy, Director Guillaume Miquel, Beverley, discuss test footage.

Animation and Visual Effects (VFX) student concept artists have been working with 24 directors and producers from all over the world at a Cross Channel Film Lab (CCFL) workshop bringing together screenwriting, technology and production design at the early stage of feature film development.
Kathy Nicholls, Senior Lecturer, said: "Students, Giacomo Ghigo, Lokii Raine, Katie Wyman, Beverly Charoensap and Leonie Isaacs acted as creative consultants, working alongside lecturing staff and VFX industry professionals to help advise directors and producers on how they could utilise visual effects in their films."
Student Giacomo said: "This was a simulated work environment and it was great to be asked for our opinions. I found the hands-on approach of sketching out the directors' ideas to be a very engaging experience."
Katie added: "I enjoyed meeting people from the film industry and getting a sense of their creative process. The workshop was quite relaxed and there didn't even appear to be a great gulf between us students and the directors. They seemed to genuinely value our input and were open to new ideas."
Feedback on the students' work from all the CCFL participants has been enthusiastic and plans are afoot for more student involvement of this nature at the next CCFL workshop at Falmouth.

The Cross Channel Film Lab is a project that brings together screenwriting, technology and production design ideas at an early stage to develop brave, original European feature films that innovate in their use of Stereo 3D and/or VFX. It is a collaborative partnership between Le Groupe Ouest in France, Falmouth University and Creative England.
Falmouth lecturer Georg Finch demonstrates CG footage.

Photographs © Andreas Sterzing 

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