Inspirational Life Drawing

The course was really pleased to welcome the inspirational life drawing coach Martin Morris for a series of intensive workshops earlier this month.

Martin looking sketchy
Martin gained an MA from the Royal College of Art where he was awarded several prestigious drawing awards including the Man Group Drawing Portfolio Prize (1st Place) and the RCA Thom Bendham Figure Drawing Prize (1st Place, two years running).  Martin also studied drawing at Senior College Dublin (now the Irish School of Animation) and the University of Lapland in Finland. 

He works primarily in the fields of drawing and painting, making his own work and teaching, a true passion of his, at various establishments including the Royal College of Art and Ogilvy. But Martin's understanding of animation means that he is able to nurture drawing abilities for animators at an incredible rate. He knows just what animators need to look at, how to capture movement and those essential lines of energy that suggest movement.

One of our first years, Vaidas said “I really enjoyed the session of life drawing. I tried apply the tips to my another works and in general my drawing. I noticed that people start to like my work more, but most importantly I got more confident with my drawing and on top have become more efficient with drawing speed. Weirdly in some ways it's a life changing experience when you squeeze out of everything that you can from those life drawing lessons”.


Martin's workshops were a huge success and extremely popular. So much so that we're going to have to get Martin back in Autumn for more workshops to run alongside our already popular and regular life drawing classes. Nathan, producer of two of this years final films and a current third year particularly enjoyed the classes; “Having someone in with a completely different take on how to draw really helped my drawing, and animation progress, even in such a short amount of time. I am sure many others feel the same”. 

And the success of Martin's approach was also felt by one of our other third years, Anni who added “I attended Martin's life drawing lessons and enjoyed it tremendously. It was a well needed reminder of how one should never stop doing these exercises and through them actively aspiring to become a better drawer. I also found the theories he presented interesting, as I'm only just handing in my dissertation in which I discuss neuro-aesthetics, for example, visual metaphors, and I could see him applying some of the theory I've studied to his teaching. Especially the parts where Martin talked about how language and symbols affect our ability to draw" 

At the end of the workshops Martin summed it all up by saying that "You can see the leap in ability/fluidity or whatever it is that happens in the drawings when sensation and the subconscious start doing their thing". And he's right. And however he does it the results are amazing, our students love him and he'll be back with us before too long for sure!

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